Authentic Dit Da Jow and TaoAhnPai apparel is available for purchase by contacting Juanita directly.

Authentic Dit Da Jow

This ancient mixture of Chinese herbs was formulated three centuries ago in a Taoist monastery. The monks used the liniment before and after martial arts practice to increase strength and flexibility as well as to heal external injuries quickly and completely.

The Dit Da Jow was transmitted to Master Share K. Lew in his monastery. He brought the formula to the the United States. For more then 30 years I have helped prepare the liniment and now I will continue in my husbands foot steps.

The liniment should be used externally only. It is effective for bruises, sore muscles, recurring or chronic conditions such as arthritis or rheumatism, sprains, swelling, varicose veins, and sports or traumatic injuries.

1-8 bottles …………… $13.00 each / $10.00 for postage per order
9-23 bottles …………. $12.00 each / $16.00 for postage per order
24 or more ……………. $11.00 each / $16.00 for postage per order

*All pricing is for 2 OZ bottles

TaoAhnPai Apparel

We currently offer t-shirts and hoodies. All the apparel is available in blue with the TaoAhnPai logo on the front and back. The t-shirts are soft while the hoodies are thick and heavy-weight.

Please contact Juanita for current availability and pricing.