"Their primary purpose is the enhancement of health."
The exercises that Juanita Lew teaches are part of what has traditionally been called the “internal system” Nui Kung, energy cultivation. These exercises strengthen the circulation of the Chi (vital energy) through the internal organs, which increases vitality, health, and sensory perception. Their primary purpose is the enhancement of health.

All of these exercises have traditionally been kept secret. Daily practice of the exercises will give the student a tangible experience of Chi.

Belief is not necessary for the Nui Kung to work. Juanita Lew teaches several different sets of exercises; a brief description of some of the exercises follows.

Juanita Lew presents workshops throughout the United States and Germany and teaches privately in San Diego.


The Cloud Hands set is the beginning set of Nui Kung (internal energy cultivation) which builds a foundation for both better health and further Nui Kung. The Cloud Hands consist of five relatively non-strenuous movements along with quiet seated meditation. These Taoist exercises help the body maintain good health and increase vitality. The time required for practice will fit into anyone’s schedule.



The Shen are twelve non-strenuous Nui Kung exercises, six standing and six seated, whose primary purpose is self healing. In addition, they develop concentration, increase visual and auditory acuity and enhance sensitivity to one’s self and others. The class is best taken by people who have completed the Cloud Hands or practitioners of Tai Chi Chuan or yoga.



The Six Stars is a set of Nui Kung from the TaoAhnPai system. It consists of six standing exercises, which build up the physical foundation of your body beginning with the bone marrow. These exercises help strengthen from the inside out, by keeping the bone marrow soft and supple. The Stars also help to rejuvenate your body by strengthening the tendons, bones, muscles and connective tissue. Rather than increasing muscle size and bulk the Six Stars focus the “Chi”, giving the sense of solidity, depth and balance to your body. They are beneficial for anyone.